Our Hens REALLY Roam!

Sara’s Pick of the Coop produces truly local and pasture-raised eggs in Boulder and Berthoud, Colorado with a focus on sustainability and healthy, happy hens.

Our hens are pasture-raised, which means that they roam all day in the Colorado sunshine, with enough space to not only follow their natural instincts, but also enough that they can be rotated in and out of pastures to promote a healthy ecosystem on the lands they graze.

Did You Know?

Most Free Range, Cage-Free and battery hens never get to experience the outdoors. In fact, a hen needs only 2 square feet of space to qualify as Free Range. We do things differently, because chickens are healthier and happier with space to explore, good food, and plenty of grasses, insects & sunshine. We never confine our chickens, except when medically necessary. Our hens love their freedom, and you can taste it in their eggs.

Meet Our Team

Sara Mayer

Owner & Chicken Wrangler

I’m Sara, the owner and sole employee of Sara’s Pick of the Coop. 

My dad gave me my first chicken when I was 6 years old and I fell in love. When I was in high school I started Sara’s Pick the Coop through the FFA program and, after college, I continued it here in Northern Colorado.  I am deeply concerned with the care and treatment of animals and strive to produce the best eggs possible so I can share them with you!