Ask the Egg-spert zoom call


A 40 minute zoom call with the egg-spert



Chicken Egg-spertice


Zoom Call-$75

Up to 40 minute zoom call to discuss your backyard chickens, or plans for future backyard chickens. You can pick my brain of any chicken knowledge I may have! I have been raising chickens in Colorado since I was six years old and began my egg production business when I was 14. 


These calls will need to take place Between 6 and 9 PM Mountain time.  


For scheduling please email


Topics to discuss may include: 

Breeds of chickens

Issues with predation and possible solutions

Coop Lay out/ housing 

Chicken zen


Feeds and feeding


Chickens for food including processing


Preventative health and safety measures


You will receive a confirmation email and access to a calendar to schedule your time. 

I cannot help with zoning issues or HOA rules etc..


Cannot diagnose or give advice on disease or injuries as I am not a veterinarian


You can request an additional write up so you can revisit topics we discussed, it has a separate charge. Please see the product “ask the Egg-spert with write up”


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